dsmISI for Database — extremely fast and scalable
Unlimited Storage for Oracle backups

General Storage is expanding his concept of integrating database backup in a true Scale-out storage architecture by introducing Oracle DB and Oracle Exadata support (IBM DB2 and MSSQL planed)

dsmISI DATABASE (Oracle DB and Oracle Exadata) in detail

Backing up Databases is an increasingly challenging prospect for many enterprise IT operations. Ever growing capacities demand increasing throughputs for backup and, especially, recovery. Most traditional, clientserver based backup utilities can no longer scale high enough to fulfil these requirements and since all of them have to integrate with a mere subset of possible functions of the data management interfaces provided by the Database (in this case Oracle RMAN), there is little to nothing these backup methods can do to mitigate the problem.

dsmISI for Database is a very simple proposition. Rather than presenting RMAN with a complex API which eliminates some of the more useful features for fast recovery, dsmISI simply connects to EMC’s Isilon scaleout NAS solution. With dsmISI for Database, a single command is enough to connect any Oracle Database server with its own FRA (Fast or Flash Recovery Area) and an unlimited number of channels to use for backup and restore, all of which are hosted on an EMC Isilon OneFS file system. The user doesn’t have to worry about NFS mounts, load balancing or shifting capacities and bandwidth requirements because dsmISI takes care of all that. No matter how many Oracle instances you have - backing up Databases has never been easier or faster.

dsmISI for Database supports all RMAN/FRA options and methods on Linux, AIX, Solaris and Windows for Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata Database Machine. (IBM DB2 and MSSQL are planned)

dsmISI DATABASE (IBM DB2) in detail

More information coming soon


dsmISI DATABASE (MSSQL) in detail

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Benefits of dsmISI DATABASE environments:

  • Practically limitless backup storage scalability in terms of capacity and performance, literally at the push of a button and without the need of re-configuring anything.
  • Single, shared recovery area for all Oracle backups with a capacity of 256 TiB up to 47 PiB
  • Support for unlimited backup file size
  • Fully automatic, active-active striping of loads across all nodes in an Isilon cluster
  • Optional, fully transparent, synchronous mirroring across Isilon clusters
  • ITransparent coexistence with dsmISI for TSM and other applications using an Isilon cluster
  • Optional integration with dsmISI MAGS for migration / copy of Oracle,  IBM DB2 or MSSQL backup data to and from Tape (TSM).

dsmISI for DATABASE (Oracle RMAN) integration in OneFS

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