Simplified integration of database backups into scale-out storage

dsmISI Database improves database backup and restore performance by providing a simple integration of backup repositories
 (e.g. Oracle RMAN) into Dell EMC Isilon OneFS.

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Dell EMC solution brief

dsmISI DATABASE (Oracle DB and Oracle Exadata) in detail

Database backups and restores continue to significantly challenge many IT departments. Constantly increasing capacities and requirements are demanding even more backup and recovery performance. Most traditional client server backup solutions cannot cope with these demands due to lack of scalability and flexibility. Complex agents are used to interface with the database backups supporting only a subset of available functions (like Oracle RMAN).

dsmISI Database delivers a simple solution for this limitation. Instead of using a complex but limited API to interface with RMAN, the database server is directly connected to the scale-out NAS system, Dell EMC Isilon. With dsmISI Database a single command will configure a dedicated FRA (Fast resp. Flash Recovery Area) for each database. The areas are located on the Isilon OneFS filesystem, which provides an almost unlimited number of parallel channels for backup and recovery.

The user does not need to worry about NFS mounts, load balancing or the optimized distribution of capacity and bandwidth. No matter how many databases are managed: Backup and restore were never easier.

dsmISI for Database supports all RMAN/FRA options and methods on Linux, AIX, Solaris and Windows for Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata Database Machine. (IBM DB2 and MSSQL are planned)

dsmISI Database for RMAN Advantages:

  • Dynamic multipathing: always uses network paths with the lowest latencies at runtime
  • Creates active NFS/SMB connections to all Isilon nodes automatically
  • Load balancing over all nodes of an Isilon cluster
  • Automatic detection of failure, removal, and additions of nodes in Isilon clusters
  • Supports all RMAN/FRA options and methods
  • Supports Linux, AIX, Solaris and Windows for Oracle Databases and Oracle Exadata Database
  • Supports IBM DB2 and MSSQL
  • Will be installed on the OS as daemon/service
  • Can be deployed independent from other applications (e.g. dsmISI ISP, dsmISI Veeam or others agents)

dsmISI for DATABASE (Oracle RMAN) integration in OneFS


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