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The easy way to backup very
large file server like:
Dell, IBM, HDS, Huawei, Netapp ..

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The easy way to use Dell EMC Isilons OneFS Scale-out- NAS as an Storage Pool for IBM Spectrum Protect...

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dsmISI/OneFS for Veeam XFS Reflink for Dell  PowerScale (Isilon)
„Advanced Block Cloning Integration“

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The native way to protect your Oracle, IBM DB2 or MSSQL databases without any backup software vendor...

We support you as our clients in the areas of information management, storage solutions, high-availability disaster recovery solutions. Our services include the development of our own products as well as consulting, integration and installation services through to operation and maintenance. The solutions are industry-independent and are aimed at mid-sized companies, to large companies and corporations.

New: YouTube Video: dsmISI Veeam / OneFS XFS Reflink for Dell EMC PowerScale (Isilon)
          “Advanced Block Cloning Integration"

YouTube Video: dsmISI MAGS – The easy way to incrementally backup billions of files (English version)

YouTube Video: dsmISI for Isilon OneFS – Backup IBM Spectrum Protect (English version)

YouTube Video: dsmISI für Isilon OneFS – Backup IBM Spectrum Protect (German version)

News: IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Technical Support Newsletter (April 2021, modified May 2021)


Dell, 08.09.2021
Dell EMC PowerScale and dsmISI solution paper for IBM Spectrum Protect, Veeam and Databases
Solution Brief: Dell EMC PowerScale & dsmISI for IBM Spectrum Protect Powered by Concat AG
Solution Brief: Dell EMC PowerScale & dsmISI for Veeam Backups Powered by Concat AG
Solution Brief: Dell EMC PowerScale & dsmISI for Databases Powered by Concat AG

Dell Solution Brief small1

Veeam, 02.08.2021
Dell EMC PowerScale with dsmISI
Vendor recommended configuration
Additional Considerations:
Dell EMC PowerScale has a default maximum file size limitation of 4TiB.  OneFS 8.2.2 or later has the option to increase the maximum file size limitation to 16TiB. By using the dsmISI software load balancer implemented during this test these limitations are alleviated, including file size limitations, block cloning support for fast synthetic processing and space savingss.

IBM Support, 01.07.2021
Using IBM Spectrum Protect to protect NetApp® filers with "SnapDiff™" is changing
Leverage a 3rd-party solution that integrates with IBM Spectrum Protect – For example, General Storage dsmISI MAGS performs incremental forever file-level backups (leveraging CIFS/NFS) of NAS filers. dsmISI MAGS integrates with and stores data to IBM Spectrum Protect and uses a highly parallel algorithm that leverages the IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client.


 Steve Kennistony, 19.05.2021
IBM Data Resilience SpectrumCast 1028 - NetApp SnapDiff
The protection of data on larger filers can be complex and take a long time. Time is one thing we don't have in the backup space. As data continues to grow, every day we lose time. To help with this, technologies that utilize the "incremental forever" process of backing up data have been able to keep up with the growth of data. For filers, performing the incremental forever backup is difficult, however NetApp, a number of years ago, came out with a piece of technology for its ONTAP OS in its filers to help with this. It was called SnapDiff. This enabled product such as Spectrum Protect to be able to do incremental forever backups and be able to meet backup windows for customers.
Well, low and behold, NetApp has decided it is taking aways this functionality in an effort to get you to spend more money with NetApp and stop using your existing backup solution.
Listen to this podcast as Del Hoobler, Product Director in Product Management for IBM Data Resilience talks about the impact of this NetApp announcement and what customers can do to still be able to meet their business objectives   #dsmISI #MAGS

Guide Share Europe 15th GSE ISP Symposium September 28th - October 1st 2021
From the beginning of computerized data processing until now, taking backup copies of data is an inevitable task of professional IT operations, and thus, since 1994 we have a sequence of ADSM/TSM/SpectrumProtect symposia to discuss our chosen tool for taking backups.
Take full advantage of the presentations from IBM Development, as well as contributions from other experienced and established ISP users.

GSE ISP 2021

CAS Severn
dsmISI MAGS: United States Executive Department Customer Case Study
CAS utilized dsmISI MAGS as a much faster and more efficient means to protect NAS and, since it connects through the NAS shares, this utility is future-proofed to be compatible with replacement NAS systems as the department lifecycles their existing machines.


Speicherguide.de,  17.11.2020
dsmISI für Veeam: Drastisch kürzere Backups dank XFS Reflink
Spürbar verkürzt Veeam ab der Version 10.x das Backup-Zeitfenster mit der Linux-Funktion XFS Reflink. Concat und General Storage stellen bereits ein Modul für dsmISI bereit und ermöglichen damit als einer der ersten Lösungen weltweit den Einsatz von Scale-out-NAS für lineare Skalierbarkeit bei einem geringen Betriebsaufwand.


Speicherguide.de,  11.09.2019
dsmISI für Business Analytics und ISP Plus
Concat und General Storage erweitern dsmISI MAGS für IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP) um Backup-Funktionen für Business Analytics. Die Lösung unterstützt die inkrementelle Sicherung von Business Analytics File-Systemen wie MapR und Cloudera. Darüber hinaus wurde die Anbindung von IBM Spectrum Protect Plus (ISP+) über dsmISI in OneFS realisiert, um OneFS als Storage Target für Backup/Restore nutzen zu können..


Guide Share Europe and University of Cologne, 24.-27. September 2019
IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP) Symposium 2019 in Dresden ...
Come along and keep up with the very latest features and plans of the ISP-team within IBM, gain hints and tips on upgrading your archive and backup services, learn how to exploit the forthcoming new functionality, and acquire additional technical insight into Spectrum Protect.

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Or one of our partner: Concat booth 3 or Empalis or Schmitz RZ Consult booth 8

Concat AG, 25.04.2019
Dell EMC zeichnet Concat AG, dank dsmISI, als EMEA UDS Solution Partner für 2018 aus
Bester Lösungsanbieter im Bereich Dell-UDS-Plattformen
Einzigartiges Konzept mit dsmISI und Isilon als Backup-Target
       - Zusätzlicher Umsatz generiert
Bensheim, 25. April 2019 – Dell EMC hat die Concat AG als EMEA UDS Solution Partner des Jahres 2018 ausgezeichnet; UDS steht für Unstructured Data Solutions. Gewürdigt wird damit das starke Umsatzwachstum mit der innovativen Lösung dsmISI in Verbindung mit Isilon als Backup-Target. Der Preis wurde Mitte April 2019 in Frankfurt übergeben..

Meridian IT US,  27.08.2018
Solution Overview: Dell EMC Isilon and Meridian IT dsmISI for Backup ...
This Solution Overview document highlights how Isilon with Meridian IT dsmISI can facilitate more efficient backups in IBM ISP/TSM environments.

Speicherguide.de,  02.05.2018
BACKUP EAGLE®: Neue Schnittstellen für übergreifendes Monitoring ...
Ein übergreifendes Monitoring (End-to-End) vom zu sichernden Client, Backup-Server bis hin zum Backup-Device verspricht eine Technologiepartnerschaft zwischen General Storage und Schmitz RZ Consult sowie Concat. Dabei wurde das Monitoring-Tool »BACKUP EAGLE®« um dsmISI-Schnittstellen erweitert. ...

Speicherguide.de, 11.09.2017
Concat: Spectrum Protect aus der Steckdose mit dsmISI
AUm den Forderungen der Kunden nach höheren Packungsdichten und Durchsatzraten sowie kürzeren Wiederherstellungszeiten bei gleichzeitig günstigerem Preis pro GiB (Gibibyte, 1 GiB = 2 30 Byte) nachzukommen, hat Dell EMC die Generation 6 der Isilon-Hardware für das Betriebssystem OneFS entwickelt. Der Concat-Partner General Storage hat seine Software dsmISI für die neue Hardware-Plattform und für OneFS optimiert.
Im Interview erklären Karsten Boll von General Storage und Stéphane Criachi von Concat, welche Vorteile die neue dsmISI-Version mit Isilon Gen6 für Anwender von IBM Spectrum Protect, Veeam und Oracle RMAN bereithält und wohin die Reise geht, Stichwort Docker und »Spectrum Protect aus der Steckdose«.


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Guide Share Europe and University of Cologne, 26.-29. September 2017
IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP) Symposium 2017 in Cologne ...
This is your chance to join us in benefiting from the innovations, the new and changed functionality in the recent and upcoming versions and to hear what is expected to be implemented in ISP over the next couple of years.

ISP 2017

Or one of our partner: Tectrade booth 7, Concat booth 8 or Empalis booth 10

IBM Spectrum Protect and Veeam Customer Form, June 28, 2017, Skyloft Frankfurt Airport
"THE DATE", 28 June 2017
After the successful TSM customer forums for the last three years, a conference on IBM Spectrum Protect (former TSM, Tivoli Storage Manager) and Veeam Software with dsmISI, GSCC and Dell / EMC Isilon took place on June 28, 2017 as storage pool for IBM Spectrum Protect and Veeam Repository Server in Frankfurt. Another focus was on IBM Spectrum Protect Server / Client and Docker.
Have we piqued your interest? Feel free to contact us.

Veeam Knowledge Base KB ID: 2221, 13.01.2017
dsmISI for VEEAM certification
dsmISI for Veeam – accelerated filing of Veeam repository in EMC Isilon (OneFS Scale-out storage). In principle, dsmISI for Veeam implements dynamic multi pathing, which automatically spreads reads and writes symmetrically across all available network paths and Isilon nodes, guaranteeing maximum throughput for any attached Veeam Repository server.
Another Veeam specific challenge is the size of a target file, which cannot be configured but corresponds directly to the entire size of a backup job or virtual machine. Since virtual machines’ capacities can easily outgrow the file-size limitations of an Isilon Scale-Out NAS cluster (4 TB), natively using an Isilon can hardly be considered a useful solution for Veeam backup. dsmISI for Veeam addresses these challenges by fully virtualizing NAS storage into a standard block-type file system which not only allows practically unlimited file sizes, but uses the entire bandwidth of an Isilon cluster – even for a single data stream..

More information

Whitepaper: Spectrum Protect and Veeam Availability Suite usage guide abstract, December 2016
Third-party software
Veeam and Spectrum Protect customers often need to store petabytes of backup data. For this, they need an efficient and powerful system that load balances the data stream across multi-target storage controllers, without the negative effects of deduplication storage systems. An example of a combined target disk storage system for Spectrum Protect and Veeam is General Storage’s dsmISI for Spectrum Protect and dsmISI for Veeam. An EMC Isilon Storage Systems is used with the dsmISI load balancer software to get the maximum out of the EMC file cluster nodes. With Veeam, a single target write stream is spread across the nodes for high throughput of more than 1 GBs per stream. General Storage MAGS can help bring Veeam Backup files to TSM tape and organize them.
Technical brief by Andreas Neufert, Solutions Architect, Veeam Software GmbH

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Speicherguide ,  31.08.2016
Podcast: So modernisiert die Uni Freiburg ihre Speicherstruktur ...
Speziell beim Backup lag die Herausforderung darin eine Lösung zu finden, die auch mit großen Filesystemen zu Recht kommt. Nach einer monatelangen Anforderungsanalyse und einem Ausschreibungsverfahren fiel die Wahl auf eine Kombination des IBM Spectrum Protect (ehemals Tivoli Storage Manager, TSM) und dem vom Bensheimer Systemintegrator Concat und General Storage entwickelten Modul dsmISI MAGS sowie einem EMC Isilon-Cluster. Mehr über das Auswahlverfahren, die Lösung im Detail und den Inbetriebnahmeprozess erklärt Storage-Manager Ullrich in der virtuellen Redaktionskonferenz. ...


IBM Edge 2016 Las Vegas, September 19 - 22, 2016 
SSW-2258: An Alternative to NDMP for Network-Attached Storage Backup
Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) has not changed much since it was first introduced in 1995. Its reliance on occasional full backups has proven to be problematic in terms of the amount of data that must be transferred and stored. Come learn about an alternative method of backing up NAS devices to IBM Spectrum Product that doesn't rely on NDMP. dsmISI MAGS is an automated, proxy-based approach to rapidly protecting and restoring data. It can reduce backup jobs that took days down to hours. dsmISI MAGS can take advantage of the inline deduplication available in modern Spectrum Protect and doesn't rely on hardware-based virtual tape libraries. Come learn some of the history of NDMP and how you can move your organization away from it.
Speakers: Joseph King, CAS Severn, Inc. and Lars Henningsen, General Storage Software GmbH

Download dsmISI MAGS Trial

Download IBM Edge presentation


Guide Share Europe, (Lenggries), 18.10.2016
Isilon ScaleOut NAS for TSM:
Dr. Stefan Radtke (CTO, EMEA Isilon Storage Division) Dell EMC

IT Business, 21.10.2016
Oracle-Datensicherung mit Isilon OneFS ...

Speicherguide ,  19.07.2016
dsmISI-Lösung jetzt auch für native Oracle RMAN ...

Speicherguide,  29.04.2016
Neues Modul für Veeam ermöglicht Backups bis 30 PByte ...

Copncat AG,  22.04.2016
Neues Modul für Veeam Software und EMC Isilon ...

Blog, Dr. Stefan Radkte, CTO EMC² Isilon,, 07.10.2015
EMC Isilon vs. IBM Elastic Storage Server or how IBM performs ...

http://www.storagenewsletter.com/, 04.06.2015
dsmISI MAGS verkürzt inkrementelle Sicherung auf Stunden.

http://www.storageconsortium.de/, 03.06.2015
Schnelles Identifizieren für Incr. Backups bei Filesystemen mit TSM.

speicherguide.de, Interview 03.06.2015 (eh)
So werden inkrementelle Backups mit TSM wieder beschleunigt.

Blog, Dr. Stefan Radkte, CTO EMC² Isilon,, 23.01.2015
Backup OneFS Data over NFS/CIFS with TSM.

Gartner, 20.10.2016
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File System and Object Storage, October 2016 ...

Storage Consortium, 01.08.2016
„Massive Attack General Storage“ MAGS ...

Speicherguide Interview,  18.05.2016
So werden Veeam-Backups extrem schnell und skalierbar ...

Storage Consortium on 22 April, 2016
dsmISI for Veeam unterstützt unbegrenzte Filegrößen für EMC Isilon Backup

Meridian IT UK 12th of October 2015
First dsmISI Partner in the UK - Meridian IT United Kingdom

IBM GSD am 1. Juli 2015
dsmISI MAGS im IBM Global Solution Diretory (GSD) aufgeführt

Blog, Dr. Stefan Radkte, CTO EMC² Isilon,, 28.06.2015
How to optimize Tivoli Storage Manager operations with dsmISI...

22.-25. September 2015, Westin Bellevue Hotel in Dresden
Visit us (Booth No. 4) at the 12th GSE TSM Symposium 2015...

speicherguide.de, Pressemitteilung 28.05.2015 (eh)
Concat: neues Modul beschleunigt Backup mit TSM deutlich.

Blog, Dr. Stefan Radkte, CTO EMC² Isilon,, 23.10.2014
Direct I/O considerations for TSM Storage pools on OneFS (NFS)


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